Nano text editor notes and help

Keyboard commands for working with the text editor Nano. Nano is a text editor used in a terminal window in Linux. Usage is > nano [name of file to open or create]

Some commands for my system are different than what is shown on other websites. On my system, I press "Ctrl+g" to display the help menu and command list. ^ = the "Ctrl" key, M- = the "Esc" key

Esc+a  Mark selection for cutting and pasting. Press Esc+a at the beginning of the selection and then move the cursor to the end of the selection. Now the selected text can be copied or cut to the buffer.
Alt+6  copy text to the "cut buffer"
Ctrl+u  paste selection or line
Ctrl+k  cuts selection or line (it is cut/sent to the "cut buffer").
If no text is marked, 'paste' and 'cut' command will copy or cut the entire line of text.


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