House buying scam Ron and Beverly Grant 817-886-0939

I received a letter today in the mail that is a scam for buying your house. The note is on yellow paper and printed in red ink. The note says it is from Ron yet it looks like a girls handwriting. The note at first glance appears handwritten, however on closer inspection it is a very clever/good printout. Following is the whole note:

Hello, My name is Ron Grant. My wife Beverly and I would like to buy your house at: 936 Mountain Ter. Please call us at 817-886-0939.
Thanks, Ron

Google the name and you will see this is a nation wide scam. I have included some links below.


  1. Here's the website behind the yellow letters...it's a marketing strategy to sell houses. I got one, too, in Nashville, TN. http://yellowletterscomplete.com/
    Here's where I first found people talking about it, in this forum: http://www.reiclub.com/forums/index.php?PHPSESSID=daf325e5cb825b59ccc6d2e424140743&topic=8921.msg96866#msg96866
    Thanks, Google!

  2. Same with me. I got one today. Same printed letter, only the number was 904-702-0011.

    Why do people do this.